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Top six popular uses for Drones

The mechanism of flying has fascinated mankind Since late 1800s. After the invention of drones there is no wonder they have gained so much popularity over a small period of time. Of course, the main reason for their increasing popularity is their use in wide variety of applications. Drones have been used for military purposes, in construction and for surveillance. Not to mention, they are extremely useful devices for a plethora of applications like film making and professional photography because of their ability to maneuver into locations and small areas where cable-suspended cameras cannot reach.

Fun Fact: There are hobby groups and flying clubs all around the world for people to learn how to fly and maintain their aircrafts.

Following are some of the best uses of drones, where drones are popularly being used

Motion picture film making

In September 2004, the FFA allowed six film studios to use drones in their film making. Drones have reduced the cost of film production by saving all the money that had earlier been spent into aerial shots and requirement of much more expensive equipment like dollies, booms or even helicopters. Drones are also being used for capturing live sport events.

Aerial surveillance

Drones are a great help in agricultural activities. With  the help of drone livestock can be tracked over a vast field of land. Along with that, they provide a cost effective way of improving crop yield through regular monitoring. Some drones can even help detect crop health. Drones are also useful in quick and effective mapping of wild fire, this helps firefighters in dealing with the situation. They are used for regular aerial surveillance for a monitoring atrocious activities in sensitive areas.

Realtors and Developers

Realtors, developers and builders have started providing virtual tour to their client, using drones pictures and videos of the building and property are taken.  Apart from that, on large properties, where it’s difficult to cover the entire land, aerial view of the area through drones is of immense help.

In cargo delivery

Due to the compatibility and cost effectiveness, it can be said that the drones are the future of all kinds of delivery system. They will not get stuck in the traffic jams, this will save a lot of time for both  company and consumer. Even if their use for delivery purposes is in its early stages of development, the advantages  are clearly visible.

Ease in Rescue Mission and Disaster Relief

The plethora of sensors installed in the drone for searching and saving life during a natural disasters. They are also helpful in collection and distribution of medicines,food supplies and relief kits to remote or otherwise unreachable locations. There are infrared sensors  detect presence of living being by their heat signatures.

Use in Photography

Vloggers like Sam Kolder, have made aerial videography and photography a sensation on  social media platforms. This has inspired thousands of other photographers and videographers .This has added another dimension to photography and videography. Drones are the perfect choice for aerial shots because they are convenient, light and cheaper.

For all these and many other reasons, drones are now the face of new and better technology. Soon, we will be seeing drones being used in each and every field possible.

The way drones are getting popular and with their increasing functions, they are just started their journey to achieve bigger platforms that will help common people in ways we cannot even imagine.

Binita Kumari

Binita is currently pursuing bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies.

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