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How to Install GRAKN.AI on Ubuntu

GRAKN.AI is an open source hyper-relational database for knowledge engineering. Rooted in Knowledge Representation  and Automated Reasoning. Grakn is knowledge base for artificial intelligence and cognitive computing systems. This post will demonstrate how to install Grakn on Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

Main Features of Grakn

  • Concept Level Schema
  • Real time interference
  • Distributed analytics
  • High-level query language

Install GRAKN on Ubuntu

GRAKN.AI Installation require JAVA 8 (OpenJDK or Oracle JAVA ) as a dependency with $JAVA_HOME  set accordingly.

Update  Ubuntu

Before using Ubuntu instance to install other software packages, you should update it, using command

sudo apt-get update

JAVA Installation

You can install Open JDK Java 8 by using following command on Debian, Ubuntu etc.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Download GRAKN 1.1 Latest version

Go to GRAKN Download Page

For desktop computer you can simply click on download button and your download will be started. For installation on Ubuntu Server you can use curl command given below to download Grakn package

wget -L

Extract installation package

You can extract installation package using tar command

tar -xvf grakn-dist-1.1.0.tar.gz


Go to extracted folder in my case it is grakn-dist-1.1.0

cd grakn-dist-1.1.0

then run grakn start  to start grakn server

./grakn server start

After running this command you should see following output on your terminal


Grakn AI  Dashboard Default Port

After installation by default GRAKN dashboard will be accessible at http://localhost:4567

GRAKN Console queries

You can perform queries from graql console, you can start graql console from the installation folder by using command.

./graql console

You can also run queries from grakn dashboard accessible at http://localhost:4567/#/console

GRAKN AI Documentation

 Setup Guide
Quickstart tutorial
More about Grakn server
Guide to use Grakn Console

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