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How to disable JavaScript in New Versions of Google Chrome – v64.0

Javascript is widely used in modern web browsers since it allows to put active content on web pages and supports better interactivity.  This blog post demonstrates how to disable javascript in chrome

Disable Javascript in Google Chrome

As already explained earlier Javascript is quite good for a modern day web browser then why disable javascript? Most of the website advertisements are built and served because of javascript, If you want to get rid of spammy advertisements then you can disable javascript. Some Organizations prefer to disable javascript on their computer to prevent security risk. Because of certain code vulnerabilities, Javascript can be injected into front-end pages, that can be used to steal your important information like credentials, personal details etc. You may disable javascript in case a site is malfunctioning and causing problems with your browser.

Go to Google Chrome Settings

On your computer open Google Chrome
At top right on your chrome browser click on more > Settings









Expand Advanced Settings

After reaching Setting page scroll down to find Advanced and Click on it to show Chrome Advanced Settings


Change Chrome Content Settings

In Advanced Settings ( as shown in the image below )  find Content Settings, it is second last option as shown in snippet now click on it. chrome-content-settings


Disable Javascript

Now click on Javascript option and you will see a toggle switch under the name Allowed just click on this toggle button and it will be disabled. Congratulations! You have disabled Javascript in Chrome



Enable Javascript

For enabling javascript in chrome you need to follow similar steps and enable javascript by toggle button




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  1. Nice post regarding disabling javascript as some sites not allow right click that leads to the problem of inspecting element

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