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AWS: Cannot add accounts to your organization while it is initializing

Today i was setting up organizations under my AWS account and following error comes in. At the start i Googled it that lead me to AWS forum thread for this issue and there is also no solution and it is marked as a not answered question.

AWS Organization Setup

There are two ways to add organization in your account

  • Invite account
  • Create account

Unfortunately, creating organization using any of these two way results in cannot add accounts to your organization while it is initializing.

AWS Error on creating organizations

In my case i was trying with a IAM user and i was getting this error in red cannot add accounts to your organization while it is initializing , so i thought to create organization using a root level access ( although it is not recommended, I came to know later ) in another AWS account and  then I was able to create new organization and I was able to create and attach policy as well to the newly created organization.

Permission for creating AWS organizations

To create an organization with your current AWS account, you must have at least this permission


How this error got resolved ?

After few hours, I tried again and this issue was solved automatically. I don’t know how it get solved? but I guess, it may be some sort of initialization issue that require some time to complete. So don’t worry if you have time you can wait for some hours else you should reach to  AWS Support   using AWS Console login and register a new case for this

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  1. thanks pranav for sharing your experience, It was a initialization Issue and get fixed automatically within few hours ….

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